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Put any mail for Yotusba in here!~
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1x red and white shirt.
1x brown shorts.
1x pair of red and white sneakers
1x sketchbook
1x box of crayons
1x child-sized sling


1x Newbie suit.

1x Slightly battered teddy bear.
1x A small wooden doll resembling a woman with green hair wearing a white dress. While there are lines suggesting a face, it is up to the viewer's imagination to put an exact face there.
1x child-sized sash that has a cloth waist pouch attached to it.
1x Crude knife made out of metal and tape.
1x child-sized belt made out of green material.
1x cloth doll that looks like Rabbit, a former resident of the Tower and Yotsuba's honorary big brother.
1x Modified green winter coat that's now a superhero cape with a 'Y' stitched on the back. It can still be used as a winter coat.
1x Orange knit scarf
1x Pair of knitted green gloves

All the letters Yotsuba gets will be stuffed into her trunk.
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Player Information

Name: Livia.
Personal Journal: N/A.
Age: 19.
Contact Info: You can always PM me, but I’m also TheBookGirl on Plurk.
Other Characters Played: N/A.

Character Information

Character Name: Yotsuba Koiwai
Character Series: Yotsuba&!
Character Age: Five.
Character Gender: Female.
Original Canon
Canon Point: At the end of the first volume of the manga, when Yotsuba is looking at the clear blue sky.
Background Link:!_chapters#List_of_volumes_and_chapters

Personality: One can tell just by looking at Yotsuba that she’s a little strange, if cute. She has green hair naturally in a setting that’s supposed to take place in modern-day Japan, and it’s pulled back in a rather unusual formation, giving her the appearance of a four-leaf clover. As for Yotsuba herself, she is strange, as she knows some complex words that kids her age shouldn’t know-probably because she’s parroting the things she heard her father say or write while he was translating-but doesn’t know much about the world itself, as it’s shown in the first volume that she had no idea what a swing set was until that point in time. She knows very, very little about the world, even things that you would expect small children to know.

However, despite her ignorance, Yotsuba enjoys most of what she finds in the world, and while she does get annoyed at people who tease her and while she does get frightened and cry-mostly at bird-like things-she does try her best to enjoy everything, and will usually do so. She behaves like a normal, upbeat kid, even though she doesn’t know much about the world. She can run into a huge typhoon, enjoy the rain and the wind, and, after the rain dies down and she dries out, she will happily enjoy the sun and the clear blue sky. She actually does this at the end of the first volume of the manga. She loves playing games with people, even though she’s rather bad at them and even though she’s a bit of a sore loser, and will happily do so. However, she does flub complicated words and names, leaving some people irritated, and she will pull petty pranks and tricks on the people that she hates, and she won’t get over these grudges until the other person says sorry and makes it up to her. Then, she’s quick to forgive.

Thanks to her father, she does try her best to be a good girl, but she will occasionally make mistakes, break dishes, and lie to hide the fact that she did do something wrong. However, when pressured, she’s quick to admit that she did something wrong and that she did lie, and will be quick to fix whatever mess she’s made. She will also try her best to be polite when meeting new people, and will follow instructions that her father or older guardians give her.

Her adoptive father summed Yotsuba pretty well near the end of the first volume of the manga-“That kid always finds enjoyment in everything. Nothing can ever get Yotsuba down.” In the end, Yotsuba is just a little odd kid who loves life and enjoys almost everything that she encounters.
Abilities: Yotsuba is a very good swimmer, so much so that even adults are impressed by her abilities. However, she’s a terrible artist, despite what she thinks of her work.
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